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W, D and L markers show results for the past 5 matches, graded by the True Form algorithm. A marker positioned higher indicates a win was achieved against the odds. Learn more...

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Markers show the win probability for selected team(s). More vertical distance between points indicates a win is more likely. Learn more...

Interactive Form Table

Not all victories are created equal

bwin True Form shows exactly how well football teams have been playing, helping you to spot potential value bets. See who has performed above expectations and which teams are being underestimated by oddsmakers.

What is bwin True Form?

The True Form algorithm applied to each result for each team uses pre-match odds and the scoreline to assess how well they performed against expectations.

A win for a team against the odds will be placed higher on the graph than a regulation home win for a fancied team, implying a better result.

Conversely, a heavy defeat for a bottom-of-the-table club won’t be as low on the graph as an uncharacteristic loss for a top-four team.

Games ending in a draw are assessed using the same method, showing that the result could be considered better for one team than the other.

Clicking on any W, D or L marker highlights game information. View the historic odds and identify where value bets would have been.

Plotting multiple teams allows you to compare recent form and see who may have been undervalued by the bookmakers going into their next fixtures.

How can it help me predict match results?

Upcoming fixtures for each team are plotted on the graph according to win probability. See which teams are more likely to win their next game, whether or not they’re playing each other.

True Form uses the difference between the odds of one team winning versus their opponent winning, providing an assessment of how close each game will be.

Identify value bets by looking for teams in relatively good form who are considered less likely to win than their rivals.

Teams who have been performing poorly but are considered bankers for their next game may be good opportunities to place a bet against.

Clicking on any future fixture marker brings up match information and live odds. Click the ‘Bet Now’ button to head to where you can place your bet.